Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions here at Duck Duck Goose Catering & Events

When is my function secured?

A non refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure the event booking.

When are final numbers, menu and payment due?

We require final numbers along with menu selections dietary requirements and event timings 2 prior to your event. At this point the final invoice will be issued with payment due 7 days out.

Can food be dropped off for us to reheat and serve ourselves?

We are a full service catering company that cooks all items fresh onsite, for this reason none of our menu options can be prepared and delivered. All events require chefs and wait staff onsite to cook, serve and clean up.

What time will the staff arrive onsite?

The Kitchen team will arrive onsite 2 hours before food service is due to begin, with the wait staff to follow ½ before service. If we are providing bar staff they arrive onsite 1 hour before dirnk service begins to prepare and finishing setting up the bar

How long does food service go for?

This depends greatly on the style of menu and the number of inclusions. As a guide you can expect our Cocktail menu to be served over a 3 hour period and a full seated menu with canapes, entrée, main and dessert over a 5 hour period.

Can we provide Bar staff?

Yes, we are able to provide full RSA certified staff to take care of the service of drinks at any event.

Are we able to purchase and supply alcohol?

No, we do not have a license therefore we are unable to supply any alcoholic beverages. We can however provide the staff to serve any drinks you have purchased yourself.

Do we provide ice ?

No, this is the responsibility of the client to purchase and obtain ice ready for use on our arrival.

What equipment do we require?

As duck duck goose prepares and cooks all food fresh onsite we need:
- Access to a kitchen (alternatively a caterers marquee with lighting)
- Immediate access to water
- Access to power
- Bench space (or trestle table with leg raisers to form bench space)
- Refrigeration (for large numbers a mobile cool room is most suitable)
- Oven/s
Exact requirements depends greatly on the menu, we can advise on these requirements on quoting

Does duck duck goose provide these items?

No, all items required would need to be hired in at the expense of the client.

Do we provide crockery, cutlery and glassware?

We focus purely on food and staff, all other items deemed necessary for the service of the meal need to be hired in if the venue can not provide it.

When are final numbers, menu selection and payment due?

We request that final numbers along with menu selection, dietary requirements and event timings be confirmed 2 weeks prior to your event date. At this time the final invoice will be issued with payment to be made no less than 7 days before the event date.

Do we charge cakage?

No, we expect at most celebrations there will be a cake and we have no problem cutting it and serving it to guests as desired. NB: if you would like something to accompany the cake ie. Furit, cream, berries there would be a per head charge.

How do we provide for guests with special dietary needs?

If we are advised on the needs of guests before we arrive onsite a substitute menu where needed will be served. You do not have to select your menu to work around guests with dietary requirements.

Can we cater more than one event on the same day?

Yes, we have the capacity to cater for 2 events on the same day at the same time. Once 2 bookings are secured no matter the size we are fully booked and will not commit any further.